Overview: Dedicated Pharmacy

As a full-service, institutional and long-term care pharmacy, Guardian provides pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical services to skilled nursing, assisted living, behavioral health communities and other institutional living environments. Recognizing that the right pharmacy partner can have a significant impact on your census, Guardian provides the products, services, knowledge and training necessary to enable your staff to focus on exceptional resident care while reducing staff turnover and ensuring that communities are in compliance with government regulations. We do this by working with you on an individual basis to design a pharmaceutical service offering that meets the specific needs of your communities.

Guardian and our partner pharmacies offer a wide range of services, from help with accuracy and efficiency of medication distribution to education seminars and CEU training. Guardian also monitors HIPAA regulations and compliance for its communities. Our focus is your focus – to improve the quality of resident care.

What can communities expect?

Improved Efficiencies

Guardian Pharmacy and its local pharmacy partners support communities by helping create efficiencies throughout every facet of your operations. The result: caregivers spend less time on administrative duties and have more time to spend on resident comfort and safety.

Transition services that simplify the process of switching pharmacy partners

As we welcome new facilities, we go to great lengths to make the process as smooth as possible, doing everything in our power to make it a hassle-free, turnkey experience.

  • We use highly refined, efficient processes and techniques for collection and transfer of data.
  • Our consulting pharmacists ensure your staff is fully trained.
  • If needed, a trained medical professional will come to your facility, transfer existing orders to valid prescription forms, fax those forms to physicians for signature, set up monthly filling cycles for each resident, and prepare new medical administration records.

Delivery and availability of medications that enhance community care

Guardian Pharmacies work diligently to ensure that deliveries to their institutional customers provide maximum convenience and value.

  • We work with our communities to establish delivery services to meet their needs.
  • We provide routine and emergency STAT deliveries in the case of urgent need on a 24/7/365 basis.
  • Our well-trained staff manages the documentation and filling processes to ensure consistent inventory availability and timely delivery of medications.

Compliance packaging systems that reduce risk for residents and communities

Guardian understands that accurate and timely delivery of medications is critical to the success of your long-term care community.

  • Customized compliance packaging systems provide individually prepared and properly labeled medications to reduce the risk of error and simplify the caregivers’ administration of medications. This also helps you comply with current regulations, as medications are packaged, labeled and routed directly to your residents.
  • Caregivers can easily administer medications with the use of electronic medical records and bar code scanning throughout the med pass, which enables them to further reduce the risk for errors.

Our goal is to partner with you to ensure that caregivers may rely on correct medications, delivered on time, and dispensed in proper dosage to the right person, 24/7/365.

Technology that streamlines communication and helps eliminate errors

State of the art technology allows us to link your communities and our pharmacies in order to improve, simplify, document and streamline communications. Guardian and partner pharmacies use paperless systems, document management, barcoding and scanning to efficiently and accurately track medications from the time of order receipt to delivery in your community. We offer you:

  • Web-based portals linking your community directly with our pharmacy for online medication ordering, access to the most up-to-date drug profiling and utilization data, patient demographics and other vital clinical information.
  • Operating system technology that has interface capabilities so that we can communicate with your community’s operating system.
  • eMAR / eTAR compliance systems to streamline your internal processes. Caregivers will have real-time data accessible at all times, simplifying updating and ordering; a portable medication profile with previous history; timely information on changed, discontinued and new orders; as well as automated reporting to improve caregiver workflow. Among their many benefits, automated paperless systems eliminate transcription errors and lower overall costs.
  • Electronic billing
  • Electronic first dose & EDK dispensing

Formulary and Cost Management

Medicare Part‐D coverage guidance, education and management eliminate confusion

Guardian Pharmacies recognize the complexities of Medicare Part D, and we are here to assist in helping your residents determine which plan offers the broadest coverage to suit their needs.

  • We accept all plans and advocate for residents when dealing with Medicare Part D issues.
  • Through ongoing formulary and plan review, we strive to help your residents take full advantage of their prescription drug plan benefits.
  • We understand the challenges associated with increased costs during the “Donut Hole” and identify formulary alternatives when available. In addition, we keep track of participant drug expenses and liabilities.

Consulting Services and Audit Support

Ongoing reviews increase patient safety, reduce cost and ensure compliance

Guardian minimizes risk of adverse reactions and ensures only necessary medications are taken. Consulting pharmacists provide regular chart reviews of all medication orders to monitor for:

  • Compatibility of the drugs
  • Contraindications and the appropriateness of medications chosen
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Formulary compliance

Reviews are conducted quarterly in assisted living facilities and monthly in managed care facilities. This single, comprehensive view of every resident’s drug regimen adds an extra measure of safety, enabling you to assure families that their loved ones medication regimens are under careful, frequent review.

Leveraging their industry experience and knowledge of your community, our pharmacists maintain full awareness of legal compliance and regulatory matters and keep a watchful eye on your processes and procedures. Pharmacists will monitor med pass, audit med rooms, controlled substances and medication carts to ensure compliance and audit support.

Educational Services

Educational opportunities reduce errors and staff turnover

Well-educated caregivers make fewer mistakes and provide an increased level of resident care. They are more confident and feel better about their job, which translates into reduced staff turnover.

From onsite education – where our pharmacy’s staff will train on the med pass and proper documentation, to classes that qualify for CEU, you can expect Guardian pharmacies to partner with you in staff education, saving time and money. Training options often include, but are not limited to:

  • Antibiotics overview
  • Diabetes management
  • Antipsychotics
  • Narcotic documentation and rules
  • Psychotropic medications
  • Bloodborne pathogens
  • Depression
  • Fall prevention

Our goal is to increase levels of efficiency and patient care through constantly upgraded and improved educational programs.

The Guardian Promise to our Community Partners

Guardian and our pharmacy partners understand that we play an important role in the success of your community. We maintain the highest level of service and sensitivity required to meet the individualized needs of your residents. And above all, we join you in your focus to support resident safety and quality care.